Private Assets

Accessing specialist investment opportunities

Maximise potential

In a climate of lower interest rates, it’s important to ensure an investment portfolio is working as hard as possible. Private assets may be worth considering as they can potentially improve returns, reduce risk and increase diversification.

Long-term themes and unique opportunities

Private assets are investment opportunities that are unavailable through public markets such as stock exchanges. They enable investors to directly profit from long-term investment themes and can also provide access to specialist sectors or industries, such as private equity and real estate, that are difficult to access through traditional means. However, private assets are not without challenges. They may have high minimum investment levels and may be complex and illiquid, so careful consideration of the options is key.


Broad, in-house expertise

Globally we are one of a handful of companies with a truly broad and diverse range of in-house capabilities across the private assets landscape. Please note: not all products are available in every market.