Aiming for consistent higher income

The search for income

The end investment goal for many people is to generate an income. Yet with bank saving rates at near record lows, a sufficient income can be hard to achieve. Most investors also underestimate how much income they actually need, which compounds the problem. 


Finding income today

We understand income. We have delivered income for thousands of clients over many years. Our almost 40-strong team of income investment specialists* do nothing but search the planet for the very best opportunities. We value ‘quality’ income. This means we won’t invest in a business with issues, just because it might give a high return. We take our time to look at all the angles before committing your money. 


Variety of options

Globally we have one of the broadest ranges of income funds, including those focusing on equities, bonds and property. We also have multi-asset solutions, which blend different investments together in one convenient package. Please note: not all products are available in every market.


Income solutions

We offer a variety of solutions designed to meet different income needs. Of course it’s important to understand that the higher the income you’re targeting, the more risk there is to the money invested.