Emerging Markets

Helping capture emerging market growth with confidence.

The growth conundrum

High debt and poor demographics in some developed economies pose a challenge to growth. In contrast, we believe emerging markets are well positioned as a good source of potential long-term returns. They are currently benefiting from rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and the adoption of new technologies. 

Local understanding

Emerging markets comprise over 60 countries, each with its own idiosyncrasies, so it’s important to have the right investment tools for the job. We have a range of products and each team has developed its own way of investing, based on local understanding. We believe this gives us the greatest chance of meeting our clients’ needs. Our flexible, active investment approach means we are trusted to help thousands of clients navigate this exciting asset class.


Deep roots

We have operated on the ground in emerging markets for over 80 years and are one of the top five global leaders in this asset class. We have a team of over 130 people, based in 14 locations around the world*, who have a deep understanding of these markets


Depth of choice

Globally we offer a broad selection of products to help capture emerging market growth. From multi-asset solutions to broad and specialist equity and bond funds – there are options to suit a range of requirements. Please note: not all products are available in every market.