Fiduciary and Trust Services

Fiduciary and Trust Services

You want to provide for your heirs and protect what you’ve spent a lifetime building. So how can you help ensure that your wishes will be honored?

With our comprehensive range of fiduciary and trust services and a deep commitment to carrying on your legacy, we can create custom strategies for retaining your wealth, and deliver dedicated resources for disbursing your wealth.

Which type of trustee is right for you?

Your trustee has the fiduciary duty, legal authority, and responsibility to ensure that your plan is implemented correctly, so choosing the right one is crucial. But do you need an individual trustee, a corporate trustee, or both? 

An individual trustee may be appropriate if:

  • Your beneficiaries will benefit from a close relationship with the trustee
  • A trust asset, such as a family business, requires specialized knowledge

A corporate trustee may be appropriate if:

  • The trustee must have specialized asset management experience
  • Your trust is complex, longer term, and/or multi-generational
  • An available individual may suffer adverse tax consequences or a conflict of interest as a result of serving as trustee

A combination of the two may be appropriate to provide the personalized family knowledge of an individual trustee with the professional expertise of a corporate trustee.

What differentiates us:

Our heritage is unique

For more than two centuries we have evolved our understanding of markets and therefore the offering we take to clients.

  • Deep expertise in all asset classes
  • Actively driving the growth of our business
  • Global expertise

Creating value for our stakeholders

With a long-term shareholder base we can take a long-term view in our careful decision-making for our business and our clients. Equally, we are mindful of the impact and implications of our decisions for the world beyond Schroders.

  • Delivering returns for clients and shareholders
  • Taking decisions to benefit society
  • Taking decisions to benefit our people


Our strategy: delivering long-term value for our clients

Changes in the investment industry continue to gather pace. Our strategy looks decades ahead; it is carefully designed to benefit our clients, as we further diversify our business model towards higher demand areas.